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Laundry / ironing

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You bring your clothes directly to your office  in an individual bag having previously ordered online. (In most cases, our member companies are planning to make a place available for this purpose, allowing the collection and the return of your belongings , to bring a level of comfort without having to disturb you during these stages process. otherwise indicated by you when ordering)
We offer the possibility to pick up your clothes to your home to a minimum order value of € 40.00

You are a company?

Uniforms of the reception staff, security, general services.

Our commitment

Picking goods  according to your demand planning except Saturday, Sunday and holidays.(soon around the clock!)
Delivery according to your demand on the schedule, there are three options: classic48-hour Express (24H and flash 6H/8H) an increase cost is calculated based on your schedule pick-up and delivery, the prices displayed on the order online are for a period of 48 hours and including governmental taxes.
Cleaning and ironing done by professionals.
A high quality work at competitive prices.
Packaging very well studied for transportation as:
Plastic boxes with Yeswecan logo and your identification n0
A thick linen bag suitable for  dirty laundry  with your identification n0 in order to preserve your privacy.
Nets of linen with label identification for your small laundry and  are washed with the net .. no handling and no loss of clothes!
Bins with lid closed, for you to return your belongings washed, ironed and folded in with an identifier unique!.

So go ahead, trust us with your clothes for a benefit, you can not do without once you try!


Order your bags and nets, laundry / dry cleaning


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